Getting ready for my Greek Odyssey

Today I’ve been thinking more about the wedding and actually starting to feel a bit excited. 🙂

I’ve had some really valuable alone time today with Heather and Liesl and went on some nice walks. It has to be said that I’m not a big TV fan, in fact I seriously don’t even know how to make the TV work here at home. But I have recently figured out how to watch DVDs and so I am going through my mum’s collection and found Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey. It’s so awesome!!! It got me thinking about some of the last trips with mum to Kos and also about my up coming trip there for the wedding with all of my most special people.

This photo of me was taken by mum on one of our last trips before she died. It was at the ancient temple of Agios Stefanos in Kefalos just next to the little church where we will be married. It was one of our favourite places on the island.

One of the things that mum and I both loved about Kos is that it is the birth place of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Joanna Lumley also visited Kos and made the same observation. She noted that Hippocrates believed that true health came from right consumption, right environment and a recognition that ill health is not a punishment from the gods but something which we can take more of a sense of responsibility for. I really love this. I’ve spent a lot of time considering my mum’s death and feeling that death is not a punishment that was inflicted on her has certainly helped me to accept it and transmute the experience in a positive direction.

Anyway for now, I’m going to enjoy some of the full moon and the head off to bed. Mum took this photo at the Hippocrates Garden in Kos whilst celebrating the full moon from the high temple in Summer 2015.

Goodnight, happy full moon. xx


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