Inspiration, German tests and fevers

Hello 🙂

My days are so full, I don’t really know where to start with everything. Now that I am now definitely in the higher level German class it means so much more work for me. I need to catch up about two years of work. I have tests every couple of weeks before the big one in January. I had my first test last week after only three classes. To be honest, I was hoping just to pass but somehow I got 92%. I almost cried I was so surprised and grateful. Only a couple of days before, I was so overwhelmed after the class that I went to the supermarket afterwards, bought a bar of chocolate and ate it in the car in the car park hehehe Shocker I know!! I got home and was walking in thinking, I don’t think I can every go back there, I felt so embarrassed and out of my depth, it was like those dreams when you dream that you are on stage naked and can’t move. Maybe its just me that has dreams like that, maybe it comes with being a musician. Haha! But I decided that I want to be an example to Liesl of stepping up to the mark and not giving up.

I have also found myself sitting at the piano and finally noting the music that is coming to me. I just love the feeling. It is like someone whispering the best secret in your ear. Just magic! I’m also dreaming a bit about going outside and playing a bit. I’m getting a lot of inspiration from my surroundings here in Germany and would love to respond to them musically and see what happens. I have ideas but they are all a bit jumbled right now.

So i’m sitting here, listening to Ennio Morricone, shoulder deep in German books, studying and doing my homework for my class tomorrow but I feel so drained. My mind and probably more of me is with Liesl, she has had a fever all day-39 degrees-and I feel it even worse than if it was happening to me…… I feel helpless but I am trusting in her and her bodies wisdom. I am just here for lots of cuddles and milk of course.

Anyway, i’m gonna finish up and head to bed for an early night for when she needs me.

Love! xxx


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