Our wedding rings arrived are here!

Hello lovelies!

I’m so excited! Our wedding have rings arrived and what a magical journey it has been. We chose to have a mix of metals, mine with a family ruby and to have them created using a technique called sandcasting to commemorate us meeting in the desert.

To be honest, it has always been something of a niggle for me, the thought of choosing a wedding/engagement ring. Having flexibility and freedom in my hands is so important to my work as a musician that I can even remember talking to my mum probably about 15 years ago and saying that I didn’t know if I’d ever find myself wearing a wedding ring because it just seemed to be a hindrance to my performing.

Of course, like most things in life, just when we think we are leaning one way, the universe throws us a curve ball.

After my mum died, I found myself having inherited some family pieces through her that were just such an unbelievable privilege to think that I had such a large part of my family heritage in my possession. Not to mention that after my paternal grandmother died, I inherited her eternity ring which I wore everyday until my fingers swelled too much in my pregnancy-hehe. In all honesty, I was drowning in beautiful history (I know, first world problem) and I often remarked that I just didn’t have enough fingers to give all of these rings the place that they deserved and so when Frankie and I decided to get married, the thought of buying yet another ring just seemed utterly ridiculous. By some magical strike of fate, I stumbled across a jewelers based in the UK, called Justin Duance (https://www.justind.co.uk/) who make not only beautiful pieces which really spoke to my creative side but they also offered the chance to make something completely bespoke by recycling jewellery which you already have. Finding them was just like one of those magical moments when you just feel that the starts are aligning for you. And so ,I sent them a photo of my family pieces and asked if they might be able to create something special for me.

It was just such a wonderful experience from start to finish. I was able to use wedding rings from both of my great-grandmothers in addition to using a ruby from my grandmother’s eternity ring. The sand casting technique used by Justin Duance even offered the opportunity to use your own sand in the process. Given that Frankie and I met in the desert and that my mum collected a little pot on one of her visits, it just seemed so perfect in weaving my past, present and future all together to use all of these different elements in a beautiful way that I can treasure everyday.

It feels so empowering to know that I have been able to bring together the lineage from all of my foremothers. Not to mention that my mum wore all of these rings and now I can wear them all day, everyday to commemorate my marriage. And as an added bonus, they are so comfortable that when I am playing I don’t even feel like they are on my finger. It is just all so perfect, I feel so blessed.

Rather than one solid ring, Justin Duance made me a set of stacking rings in yellow and rose gold and with a silver ring with a central ruby. I can’t recommend them enough for this beautiful creation and thoroughly recommend checking out their website, it’s such a treat for the eyes.




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