Reality follows you everywhere

Had a super productive day today with just the right balance between work and play. Baked another batch of my Oat cups in Liesl’s first nap to fuel my admin and planning. It worked! I’ve finally settled on flowers for the wedding, I’m so excited. Flowers are being picked from the hills in southern Europe, literally as I type. Can’t wait to see and smell them. 🙂

Had a really cool and energetic time with my youngest saxophone group. They are really getting to grips with feeling the music and internalizing rhythm and pulse within them. I really love opening up this world to them! And their progress is inspiring me to write more music for them.

Was feeling so on top of the world today after so many developments and nice things to enjoy that I decided to go on an extra long walk with Liesl and Heather around the neighbourhood. It was here that something happened that took me very much by surprise. When we were walking, Heather went into someone’s garden (really not very far) and the man who owned the house saw and banged on the window, shouted at us and made some rude gestures. It reminded me of a story that my mum always used to tell me when I was in Dubai and complaining a lot. The story was one that she heard from Wayne Dyer.

In Wayne story mum would remind me of a time when he was walking on the beach close to his house and a couple stopped him and asked if he lived locally and if so what were the locals like as they were thinking about moving there. Wayne responded by asking them what the locals were like where they currently lived and they said how awful and rude they were. Wayne responded by saying that unfortunately that’s what his local’s were like too. Moral of the story is that your reality follows you, unless you can figure out the lesson from your experience or change your perspective. And so I got to thinking……what is my lesson to take from that experience?


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