The power of giving

So today I decided to bake Vegan strawberry and banana oat cups (recipe coming soon) and also make a big pot of soup. I know it’s still August but I really feel Autumn creeping in. So nice! 🙂 I really love the transitional seasons the best, especially Autumn.

I’m not a big TV fan but I really love listening to Tedx talks and today whilst Liesl was napping and I was cooking I listened to a really fantastic one about how many people feel that they are in the wrong work and how we can feel more fulfilled.

The speaker said that rather than finding out what we would do if money were no object we should look deeper into that and question what it is about that that really makes our heart sing in that passion and dedicate ourselves to doing that instead. It got me thinking……I love music, teaching, yoga and wellness and for years I found it difficult to know how I should express myself and use all of these passions or if I should just stick to one and have the others as hobbies. But I realised that I love all of these things for their potential to transform and positively affect people. So from today I have decided not to pigeon hole myself as this or that and just allow myself to give and create a space for people to transform. I’ll give my passions, give smiles, give good energy, give knowledge, give experience, give attention, give a good pair of ears…….I will wake every morning and give. Sometimes people don’t need to hear your music, they need you to listen to theirs and for them to feel significant. xx

(Took this last photo at Auroville in India last Summer, just seemed like a nice sentiment, especially today). 🙂


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