Where it all started…

So technically this isn’t where it all started but it’s certainly where things started changing for me. I had just finished my first year in Dubai and my life as I knew it had just started unraveling. I had just broken up with my first big love and was also having major doubts about my chosen career path. Music had been my life since my early teens but in order to cope with my break up I had gotten into yoga and mediation big time and as a result had started seeing the world through a very different lens.

I think you can tell but I was super reflective at this time. I spent 2 weeks in Thailand on the island of Koh Yao Noi immersed in nature and my own thoughts on my first yoga retreat. My clarinet came with me as it had done for the last almost 15 years but I don’t really remember any practice breakthroughs but I did enjoy just messing around on the beach and in the forest. Everything was so organic….I started to doubt all the years that I had spent sitting on my own in a practice room completely drowning in scales and technical exercises not listening to my own creative ideas but instead funneling these into demonstrating others creative ideas. Of course this is a very important and noble kind of service but I was partly using it to mask myself as I was so afraid of completely putting myself out there and being disliked. But I guess that’s quite common for most of us, right?

On a funny note though, I remember totally wanting to be at one with nature and run around in the forest with no flip flops on but then I suddenly thought about all of the strange Thai bugs that my little Scottish feet weren’t used to and so you can see me in the last photo I had just jumped back on top of my flip flops. Sometimes photos aren’t always what they seem 🙂

Happy weekend xx




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