Hello lovelies,

It has been a while! We have all been sick here, even Heather was sneezing.

I set something up a few weeks ago but it always takes some time to come about. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I decided to re-release my clarinet album, Distant Shores as a tribute to my mum. Well after my little Sacred Sounds workshop in Scotland I also decided to re-release my other albums as well.

I used one of the tracks in the album Zahirah to teach a breathing meditation and afterwards people were asking where they could get the music from. I was a little embarrassed when I said nowhere but they encouraged me to put it online again and so here it is! 😀

I made this collection of tracks after my project for the London Underground and was feeling hugely inspired by the music of India and the Middle East. My soul must have been calling out for something as I ended up living in both the Middle East and then India since I created it. It’s funny how things happen sometimes.


Alison x


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